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Black on Black Nails

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Black on black nails have been trendy before. Now, black on black nails are back! This is a simple and subtle way to paint your nails that will definitely draw attention.

matte black nails with glossy black tips 300x224 Black on Black NailsAll you’ll need are two different bottles of black nail polish. One should be shiny and one should be flat or matte.┬áTo achieve the look, you simply paint the nail shiny and the tip matte, or vice versa, a matte nail with a shiny tip.

Sure, this article focuses on going black matte & glossy nails, but this look is also pretty ravishing when other colors are used. I’ve seen the matte/glossy nail done in blue and in red. Both those colors looked fabulous as well. that being said, I still find the matte black nails with glossy black tips to be the most stunning and biggest eye grabber. As with any French manicures, you really want to be sure your tips are striped evenly to give a uniform look. I’ve seen some french manicures with different widths of nail polish on the tips that simply ruined the whole manicure.

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